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VZLR areas of practice

At VZLR, we believe that a law firm should be there for its clients, facilitating convenience no matter what the clients' legal needs are.

Our lawyers are prepared to go the extra mile to match our clients' needs, even consulting with new and existing clients after hours in order to facilitate and ease the burden of the legal process.

Our firm is able to access the best legal minds and experts, as a result of our excellent reputation, infrastructure and the backing of our directors. We do not settle for anything but the best and neither should our clients.

We have grouped our service offerings into a large variety of specialist departments, offering our clients specialist legal services in a general law firm environment. For the sake of convenience, we have grouped our service offerings into the following departments:

Conveyancing and Real Estate - Corporate & Commercial Law - Banking & Financial Law - Personal Injury & Third Party Claims - Medical Law - General Litigation - Insurance Law - Family Law - Labour Law - Cost Consultants - Estates & Wills


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